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Palau Kayaking Tours


1) Palau - Nikko Bay Kayaking Tours 

 Nikko Bay kayaking has tropical bays, cathedral walls with the lust of vegetation and bird wildlife.

When you snorkel underneath the shade of the Rock Islands in Palau, you will see the ancient lettuce corals and magical colors of the brain corals. You will visit the pajama cardinalfish and eight banded butterflyfish.

It is an educational site where you can learn the geology of the rock Islands, with 3 caves and Lunar tunnel into a marine lake that only exposes at low tide. You can snorkel or do the kayak limbo in the tunnel to the hidden lake, which is known as the magical kingdom of Nikko Bay.

With many WWII Historical sites, pillbox, bombs, B24, and Cannons. Nikko Bay is famous for the biggest coral spawning aggregation in the Indo Pacific every other April. 

2) Palau - Long Lake Kayaking Tours 

You will kayak through one of the longest lakes in Palau. Marine lakes only accessible on high tides where you can kayak in a canopy of the mangroves. This is the Bird Sanctuary of Palau, that's why you have the opportunity to see different kinds of birds. This tour offers some of the Snorkeling sites, like Rainbow reef, & some tour guide special.


3) Palau - Risong Bay Kayaking Tours

This is the best kayaking site in Palau, here we have baby shark nursery, WWII  remains & Mandarin Lake. You can go to 3 snorkeling sited

1) Mandarin Lake

2) Turtle Channel

3) Playground